How to Love Yourself When You Don't Know How


The journey to Self is a journey alright, but goodness, it is one of the greatest ones I’ve ever walked. One that I walk till this day. Journey to Self…it’s so rewarding. It’s the most important thing you’ll do because connecting back to your authentic nature taps you into your own divinity, and…

I am not a commodity.
Me nor my virginity are possessions to be won or gained.
When others tell me,
“They haven’t earned you. He has to earn you,”
you’re simply reducing me to a product,
and them to a merchant.
Am I supposed to feel special because you tag me at a higher price than others?
I am not somebody’s.
I am a somebody.

Brittany Josephina, My Declaration   (via mindofataurus)


Dear Universe, I ask to be surrounded by abundant, flowing, limitless love. I ask to be around people who see my divinity and support me in sharing my light with the world. I want genuine love, genuine joy, genuine passion and genuine support by my friends, mentors, and family members. I’m ready to receive. I’m ready to give the same in return. I am ready.

(Source: hopelesswar)